What I read today;

2 Corinthians 12; Luke 2; Isaiah 44; Psalm 4; Judges 20; Genesis 44

Isaiah 44 verses 9-20 give us a picture of how silly it is that the Israelites were worshiping idols.  Isaiah describes the lifespan of a tree.  It was planted by a man, grew thanks to God, and chopped down.  Some of the wood used by a carpenter for his work.  Some of it used as firewood to cook over and keep warm.  Then for some reason, the rest of it was fashioned into the shape of a figure and worshiped.  Seems pretty silly, doesn’t it?  How did ordinary wood end up being worshiped?

What do we worship today that doesn’t make sense?

Do we worship pleasure?  Some of us do.  We chase after a good time and party like rock stars.  We can’t wait to get to the bar or the beach or some other fun place.  We work all week and then spend our money on having fun.  Our motto is to eat, drink and be merry!

Do we worship possessions?  Do we own houses, cars, 4 wheelers, jet skis, and other toys?  Do we have so many toys that we have to buy bigger houses to hold them?  Is our motto he who dies with the most toys wins?

How about career or status?  Do we spend countless hours at work trying to make more money and climb the corporate ladder?  Is our life centered around the next promotion?  Do we revel every time we receive a bonus for spending all our lives tied to our employer?

Everything I’ve talked about is fleeting.

At some point, our bodies will rebel against our attempts to find pleasure.  We’ll reach an age where we just can’t enjoy those things anymore.  Our liver will give out, or our bodies won’t allow us to be as physically active.  Age will eventually take all of those things away from us.

Our possessions will eventually wind up collecting dust.  A fire could destroy them in an instant.  When we die they’ll be auctioned off, given away or just thrown out.

Our career and status will disappear, at the very least, upon our retirement.  But the reality is that in this world we live in they can disappear with the stroke of a pen in a board room.  A layoff can hit, we can cross the wrong person in our organization, or one of our ideas doesn’t work and all the work we’ve put into building ourselves up in someone else’s eyes is gone.  Just like that.

The things that we idolize and chase today can be gone in an instant.  We can be left in ruin and despair with a moment’s notice.

The only thing that truly lasts is our relationship with God our father.  The only thing that goes with us to eternity is our relationship with Jesus.  The only possession we can truly pass on to our children and grandchildren is that knowledge of who Jesus is, what Jesus has done for us and how much God loves us and wants to have a relationship with us.

The only thing we should truly worship is the God of the Universe!  Give him thanks today for all his grace and mercy!

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