What I read today;

2 Corinthians 7; Mark 13; Isaiah 39; Job 41; Judges 15; Genesis 39

Here in the United States, we really don’t appreciate the historical value of some buildings.  With our country being less than 250 years old we really don’t have old buildings and architecture to admire the way the rest of the world has.

However, when you spend time outside of the United States, you can find architecture that was built long before the United States existed.

Here are a few examples of churches we visited in Europe that are examples of what I’m talking about.

The Cologne Cathedral

The DOM - Cologne

Construction of Cologne Cathedral began in 1248 but was halted in 1473, unfinished. Work did not restart until the 1840s, and the edifice was completed to its original Medieval plan in 1880.

We visited the Cathedral in September of 1990.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dam - Paris

The cathedral’s construction was begun in 1160 under Bishop Maurice de Sully and was mostly complete by 1260, though it was modified frequently in the following centuries. It has survived the French Revolution and the Nazi Occupation.  On April 15th of this year, a fire severely damaged the nearly 1000-year-old building.

We visited Paris in October of 1990.

Finally, this is the Basilica in Trier.

Basillica - Trier - Outside

Basillica - Trier - Inside

The Basilica of Constantine, or Aula Palatina, at Trier, Germany is a Roman palace basilica. The construction of the Basilica was commissioned by the emperor Constantine I (AD 306–337) at the beginning of the 4th century.

We took this picture in August of 1989 when we visited the old Roman City in Trier, Germany.

These beautiful buildings have stood for centuries.  They have survived two world wars, the French Revolution, Napoleon’s invasions, and many other uprisings and crisis.

Yet in our reading today, Jesus tells us not to get too attached to our monuments.  He points out that one day, none of these structures will remain standing.  At that moment, we will see what a real temple looks like.  We will see the glory and majesty of our heavenly home.

It’s OK to marvel at the incredible structures around the world that mankind has built.  But remember that we are just travelers here on this earth.  Our journey will end one day, and all that mankind has created will be wiped away.  At that moment we will see what glory really is!

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