What I read today;

2 Corinthians 6; Mark 12; Isaiah 38; Job 40; Judges 14; Genesis 30

The Bible is unique in that it does not sugarcoat or attempt to cover up the lives of patriarchs.  Most other western records of nations only talk about the great things accomplished by their leaders.  The Bible does not do this.  In Genesis 38 we see how depraved Judah and his family was.

Previously Judah was the ring leader in selling his brother Joseph.  Now we see Judah raising three sons who had no moral fiber at all.  The family only cared about itself.  Then in verse 38, we see Judah lying to Tamar about having his youngest son fulfill the marital duties.  Then we see Judah sleeping with Tamar, who he thought was a prostitute.  Judah is not an example of a person who should receive a blessing from God, is it?

But God has a way of working on his people.  He has a way of breaking even the hardest of hearts.

It would be Judah who promised his father that Benjamin would return safely to him.  It was Judah who would beg a man who he knew as the Egyptian Prime Minister, later finding out that it was actually his brother Joseph who he sold into slavery, for his brother’s life.  He would even offer his life in place of Benjamin’s life.

Yet it was the line of Judah that King David would descend from.  More importantly, it was this Joseph who would be blessed by Jacob with the promise that the Savior of the world would come through one of his descendants.

Not bad for a kidnapper, adulterer, and horrible father.

The story of Judah puts on display God’s unlimited grace and mercy!  It gives us the power to realize that our past is something we can’t change but it is not something that we must live up to.  With the power of the Holy Spirit, we can change from the inside out.

The Story of Judah is really an example of how God never gives up on any of us no matter what we’ve done.

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