What I read today;

2 Corinthians 1; Mark 7; Isaiah 33; Job 35; Judges 9; Genesis 33

This was not the best of weeks.  We have a stressful situation going on with government regulators and my client the city.  At one point, I came to believe that I’d been terse with her and that I’d done or said something to upset my client.  I worried about the situation for a couple of days before finally seeing them again, only to find out that they weren’t upset at all.

My mind went to a dark place during the week only to find out that she was upset about other things, not me.  Our brains do that because we know that people can be nasty.  They can hold grudges and seek revenge.  We’ve all been a victim of it at least once in our lifetimes.  We also know that we’ve caused real hurt in our lives.  We’ve done or said things that have left permanent scars on other people.  Things we regret but can’t take back.

That’s where we find Jacob.  He tricked his brother out of his birthright.  Then later, he stole his brother’s blessing through deception.  Jacob ran because he knew that his brother was going to literally kill him.  Now 20 years later he stands in the desert not knowing if Esau is coming to fulfill his promise and kill him or if he’s coming as a friend.  Now Jacob’s mind goes into overdrive.  He fears that Easu’s rage will cause him to slaughter everyone here.

Then Esau jumps off his horse and runs and embraces his long lost brother.  Time has healed the wounds, and two middle-aged men sit in a quiet embrace.

How often do we dread that meeting at work?  Or do we worry about that family get together that we know could end badly?  We worry and fret only to have things go well.  Our minds always go to the worst.  It’s a protection mechanism that most of us have hard-wired into our DNA.

We have to train ourselves to expect the best.  We have to believe that God will work out things for our good.  Our world would be a better place if we all tried to think the best, not the worst of our fellow human beings.  Wouldn’t it?



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