What I Read Today;

1 Corinthians 16;Mark 5-6; Isaiah 32; Job 33-34; Judges 8; Genesis 32

The Pastor who married my wife and came to the small church in Wilmot, Wisconsin, in 1984.  He replaced a very nice Pastor. Unfortunately, the little church was not doing well.  Attendance was down, and the little Church was lifeless.  The young Pastor was in his second call.  He quickly breathed life into the little Church.

After we were married, my wife and I left the area when I joined the Air Force.  We were gone for nearly 5 years.  Upon our return, imagine the surprise when the formerly empty church was now full to near capacity each week.  Over 200 people a week came to see this dynamic person preach.  You could never find him in the office, he was always out seeing the members of his church.

Six months after we had returned, the Pastor was reassigned to a Church in Nashville, TN.  The church that at one time had over 200 people a week attending, now saw it’s attendance cut in half.  A new Pastor arrived a few months later who was not as dynamic and didn’t have the energy of the previous Pastor.  Over the years, church attendance continued to drop.  Now less than 50 people attend worship each week.

In Judges chapter 8 vs. 33-35, we see that the same thing happened in Israel.  While the dynamic leader Gideon was alive, the people worshiped God with all their might.  When Gideon died, worship went back to the Baals.

What does that say about us? How is it, that the loss of a particular minister could cause so many people to fall away?  Is our worship about our relationship with Jesus, or is it about being entertained?  Are we really that fickle?

We need to come to a point where worship isn’t about the person standing behind the pulpit, or the type of worship service we like, but the person who was on the cross.

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