What I read today:

1 Corinthians 15; Mark 3-4; Isaiah 31; Job 31-32; Judges 7; Genesis 31

We rely on several things for our safety and security.  Our jobs, our government, the courts, the police, our bank accounts, and our nation’s military,  to name just a few.

Unfortunately, many in the church have decided to make a deal with the devil himself. They have decided to get in bed with politicians.  Now I’m not saying that all politicians are evil.  That would be unfair.  However, politics, in general, are filled with people who are only concerned with one thing.  They want to stay in office. Thus they will say and do whatever is necessary to remain in office.  If that means acting like a Christian, they’ll act like a Christian.  Throughout history, every time the Church has gotten into bed with politicians, it hasn’t ended well.

God warned Israel about this type of situation in Isaiah 31.  Israel had made alliances with Egypt and believed that the military might of Israel and Egypt would win the day against Assyria.  They were wrong.

Christians need to realize that God is not a democrat or a republican.  He’s God.  As Christians, we have the right to vote and to voice our opinions thanks to the nation we live in.  However, the reliance on politicians to stop the moral decay in our country is misplaced.

To change our country, states, counties, cities, and neighborhoods, Christians need to get out from behind their television sets and live lives of love.  We need to be the salt and light of our communities.  Not demanding change and screaming at politicians.  No, we need to be out in our communities proclaiming the gospel through acts of love and grace.  We need to be feeding the poor, clothing the homeless, visiting the prisoner, and loving those who need to be loved.

If we genuinely want to change the world, we need to stop paying lobbyists in Washington and spend that money on spreading the Gospel in our own neighborhoods.

3 thoughts on “July 31, 2019

  1. Reblogged this on Truth in Palmyra and commented:
    What a true saying this is:

    “To change our country, states, counties, cities, and neighborhoods, Christians need to get out from behind their television sets and live lives of love. We need to be the salt and light of our communities. Not demanding change and screaming at politicians.”

    Government can’t and won’t ever change hearts; only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can do that. Why don’t spend as much time talking about THAT as we do what political party we hate? Great post here from Focus On God’s Word.


  2. Great words! The “church” has been deceived into thinking this way–as I like to say, “It’s not who sits in the chair in the oval office that matter, but who rules you from the throne of your heart.” Keep on challenging us!


  3. This is the only time either as you pointed out. I remember reading (I was too young to truly remember the politics) when churches were the bastion for the poor and you could always count on the local churches to help when things got really bad here in the U.S. Then during the Kennedy era, government Welfare program was put into place and the churches didn’t see the need to be the ones to help the poor. Today we have MILLIONS waiting for a hand-out from the government and you know the government is NOT going to be extolling the virtues of a Christ-driven life! On the contrary, they will and do all they can to keep people coming back to them for freebies. The organized church, NOT the Body of Christ, has truly lost sight of WHAT it takes to truly LOVE your neighbor! We truly need to pray that the Holy Spirit will light a fire under His people for time is getting short.


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