What I read today;

1 Corinthians 12; Matthew 28; Isaiah 28; Job 28; Judges 4; Genesis 28

We talk about Grace, Mercy, and the Love of God like they are mechanical in nature.  We conceptually get the idea in our minds, but our hearts are far from understanding what the Jatrue Grace of God looks like.

Jacob has run as far from God’s Grace and Love as you can get.  He’s been tossed out of the family with very little to care for himself.  Jacob is running to a place that he has never seen, to people he’s never met.  He’s sleeping outside with no pillow or blanket.  In fact, Jacob is a liar and a cheat.  Because he followed his mother’s lead and failed to love Esau as himself, he now finds himself, literally, out in the cold.  It’s hard to find a person who deserves so little compassion in all the pages of the Bible.

Yet amid this behavior, Jesus shows Jacob grace.

Not because of Jacob’s outstanding character and moral fiber.  No, Jacob had shown very little of those qualities. Instead, Jesus shows Jacob the grace and mercy he doesn’t deserve.  He shows him the love that only God can show someone.

In our lives, it’s easy to get caught up with our past mistakes and failures.  It’s simple to dwell on the lives we haven’t lived.  But God promises that he’s there no matter what.  He promises to shower us with grace and mercy if we just turn our hearts towards Jesus.  If we only give up the things that have caused us harm in the past Jesus promises to give us a new life, full of the grace and mercy of a loving savior who gave everything for you and me.

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