What I read today;

1 Corinthians 11; Matthew 27; Isaiah 27; Job 27; Judges 3; Genesis 27

How many families have been torn apart because a parent or parents favored one child over another?  Sadly, it happens frequently.

It’s hard for parents to remain objective in the love of all there children.  We laugh about the black sheep of the family or the crazy uncle. Human beings, however, often fail to understand the consequences of such actions.

Isaac knew better than to do what he did.  He had witnessed his older brother being banished by his father.  He would have known about God’s promise to bless Jacob.  But Isaac decided to bless Esau.  Esau was a man’s man.  He was a great hunter.  You get the sense that Esau was Mr. Personnality.  Esau was the guy you wanted at a party.

Jacob, on the other hand, was a mamma’s boy.  Quiet, he stuck around the tent areas.  You get the picture of him walking around the tents working with his mother, Rebekkah.  Jacob was the thinker.  Jacob might not be the person to win a fistfight, but he could out-think people.

In the end, the parents picked sides, and the family division was set in motion.

But in spite of the parent’s mistakes, and the raw emotions of the children, God, used this episode for good.  Esau would go on to father nations and ultimately forgive both his parents and his brother.  Jacob would go through the school of character building and come out a leader in his own right.

Each would make his mark differently.

There would be consequences.  It appears that Rebekkah never saw her youngest son again.

Thankfully, God doesn’t play favorites.  He loves each of us and showers us with His blessings every day.  He guides us and picks us up when we fail.  His mercy and grace are abundant and available to all who seek his name.  We humans may fail in our efforts to show love to others.  But God never fails!

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