What I read today;

1 Corinthians 5; Matthew 21; Isaiah 21; Job 21; Joshua 21; Genesis 21

Genesis 21 vs. 1-21 is really the story of two sons and, a story of God’s incredible grace.

First of all, God’s grace is shown in the fact that he keeps his promises.  Abraham was 100 years old.  Sarah was 90 years old.  But God had made a promise that a son would be borne to Sarah.  As incredible as it might seem that’s exactly what happened.  When all hope seemed lost, God provided a son who would be in the line of succession to the savior of mankind.

Secondly, we have the story of Ishmael.  The story of Hagar and Ishmael being sent away may not sound much like a story of Grace.  It wasn’t their fault that Abraham’s faith had failed him.  But God, in His infinite love for each one of us, took the mistake of Abraham and Sarah, which produced an illegitimate son, and he blessed that son.  He could have left them to fend for themselves.  Instead, he provided for their physical needs and gave Hagar the assurance that he would make sure they were all right and that God himself would walk with them throughout their lives.

To God, it doesn’t matter what our backgrounds look like.  He doesn’t look at our resume or our bank account.  God doesn’t see things the way that we see things.  It is God’s purpose to shower us with grace and mercy.  God will use our very own mistakes and turn them into blessings.  We may have to go through a dessert because of our mistakes.  But we will get to the other side of the dessert because of God’s grace and love.  God gives us free will, and more often than not, we use it to our detriment.  We fail to do things God’s way, just like Abraham and Sarah did when they used Hagar to produce a son.  Even then, God will not turn his back on us.  He will never give up on us, and he will never cease to use us for his kingdom.

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