What I read today;

1 Corinthians 2; Matthew 18; Isaiah 18; Job 18; Joshua 18; Genesis 18

Can you imagine how Sara must have felt?  She was nearly 100 years old.  Her monthly cycles had long since stopped.  She was never able to have children.  All these years, God had promised Abraham that a son would be borne to him.  Yet here Sara was childless.

Then the Lord says, later this year you’ll have a son.  It sounds ridiculous even now, doesn’t it?  So Sara did what most of us would do.  She laughed it off.  When the Lord called her out, Sara did what most of us would do, Sara lied.  But she had laughed.

Sometimes Gods promised blessing seems to take forever to arrive.  We know Jesus is coming back, but why is he taking so long?  We believe that the Holy Spirit is working in our lives, but sometimes he seems so far away.

We end up doubting that these promises are real.

The beautiful thing is that God’s blessing in our lives is not dependent on our belief or unbelief.  God’s promises are irrevocable.  Our faith may waver at times, but God is faithful and never lies.

In our moments of doubt, it is incumbent upon each of us to hold onto those promises of God and remember that God cannot lie.  We must learn to rely on Gods promises and trust in his mercy and grace.

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