What I read today;

Romans 14; Matthew 14; Isaiah 14; Job 14; Joshua 14; Genesis 14

Between the ages of 8 and 15, I played baseball.  Every summer from dusk till dawn I was either swimming, watching TV, or playing baseball.  I lived for baseball.  I’d sit in our garage with my baseball bat and practice my swing.  At night I’d stand in front of a mirror and practice my pitching motion.  I lived for the game of baseball.  I could tell you every statistic of most of the cub players and many of the players on opposing teams.  From opening day until the final out of the world series I’d watch every game I could.  Then in the winter time, I’d watch the newspapers and sportscasts for every word about trades and free agents.

Each winter the little league would put on a winter banquet.  We’d get together, and the little league officials would give out awards from the previous season.  The real reason we’d go to the banquet, however, was because the league would always arrange for a guest speaker.  A current player for either the Cubs or the White Sox would come and talk to us.  We’d sit in the seats hanging on every story and word that came from the player’s mouth.  One year Cubs first baseman Bill Buckner came.  The next year Eric Soderholm the third baseman from the White Sox spoke.  I remember being more excited than ever about this banquet coming each year.

It’s amazing how excited we get about a person who hits a ball for a living.  Or a person who acts.  Even a politician.  In a movie, celebrity sells just as much as sex.  People will go to see the latest superstar or the hottest body.  Some movies, no matter how bad, will draw only because of who is in it.  Amazing how we behave around another human being isn’t it?

Why don’t we get that excited about Jesus?

Look at Matthew 14.  Do you see the crowds searching for Jesus?  Jesus couldn’t find a place to quietly pray without crowds surrounding him.  People wanted to just touch him.  They just couldn’t be close enough to Jesus, they had to push closer.  They wanted a glimpse, a touch, or a personal conversation with something special.  They recognized true greatness in their presence.  The ordinary people figured it out.  Jesus was here.  Pack up the family, leave work, and head to the place wherever Jesus is.  It didn’t matter if it was on the side of a remote hill or in a packed city.  The people new, something special was here.

Do we realize that today?  Do we understand that we sit in the presence of the Son of the Living God?  Do we miss the point when we quietly mouth the words on Sunday that Jesus is present with us?

Jesus is standing at the doorway to our lives.  Will you get up and go to him?  Will you reach through the crowds to touch him?  Do you get excited when you figure out that Jesus is here?

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