What I read today;

Romans 13; Matthew 13; Isaiah 13; Job 13; Joshua 13; Genesis 13

We have this image of God in our heads.  The loving grandfather who dotes on his grandchildren.  The God who we run to when we get in trouble at school.  The God of mercy who shows up to rescue us when we get in over our head.

While that is a part of who God is, God is also Holy and demands justice.  We like to forget that part of God’s character.  Throughout the book of Isaiah, we see that God at the forefront.  It is that God who demands justice.

God is patient with us.  He gives us space to go our own way even when that way is not in keeping with his will.  But his patience has limits.  At a certain point, he will turn the switch off, and judgment will fall.  Isaiah is repeatedly going to warn the nations of Judah and Israel of this.

We only have so many days on this earth.  The question is, what will you do with those days.  Will you seek out the creator of the universe and follow him?  Or will you run off after every whim you can find?

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