What I read today;

Romans 4; Matthew 4; Isaiah 4; Job 4; Joshua 4; Genesis 4

Genesis 4 gives us the first murder recorded in the Bible. What was it all about?  Jealousy.  God approved of Abel’s offering, but he did not approve of Cains.  Why?  Well, we’re not entirely sure.  But for whatever reason, God thought Cain could do better.  Rather than taking Gods correction and learning from it, Cain let his emotions get the best of him and it led to the murder of his brother.

Jealousy is an emotion with the capability of causing murder.  People do some of the most unbelievable things during Jealous rages.  They say things that they wouldn’t normally even think about saying.  When we’re jealous of something, someone has, it can lead us to dark places where our mind will begin to work overtime.  Sitting in the dark, with only our thoughts can lead us to do things that we would never normally do.

An example of this occurred on April 12 of this year, in San Jose California.  A man murdered his wife, two of his children and the man he thought was having an affair with his wife.  Whether it was true or not, the man allowed his emotions to destroy his life and the lives of 4 other people.

Mastering our emotions is one of the most challenging skills that we try and develop as human beings.  If we fail to learn them, it can have the most horrible of outcomes.  Today’s society has been taught that we are owed everything.  Money, pleasure, possessions are all rights.  The message has been sent that we are supposed to have it all.  Then when things don’t go our way, we see people becoming angrier and angrier.

It’s important to remember that in this life, God says yes to many of the blessings we ask for.  But sometimes he says no.  Sometimes things happen that impact our lives in a negative way.  We don’t understand why, but there is a reason.  Sometimes God knows that we need to change directions in our lives.  We don’t know why, but God who sees the big picture knows what he’s doing.  Rather than succumbing to anger and jealous rage because of what we don’t have, we must always remember the thing we do have.  We must never forget that our blessings don’t revolve around earthly relationships, or possessions, but our blessings revolve around the love of God found in Jesus Christ.

Our society is moving away from the love of God.  We can see it plainly in the way that people treat one another.  We can see it in the murders, thefts, assaults, and rapes that line up for space in our newscasts.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that we judge ourselves not by the worth of our possessions or relationships but through the eyes of our savior who gave his life for us.  Our worth comes from Jesus Christ, who lives for us and died for us.  He’s who should provide us with purpose.  Not the “things” we don’t have!

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