What I read today;

Romans 3; Matthew 3; Isaiah 3; Job 3; Joshua 3; Genesis 3

Romans chapters 1 through 3 provides us some of the most essential writings on human nature in all of literature.  Chapter 3, in particular, is one of the most critical chapters in the Bible.  In 31 verses, it lays out the various ways that we as human beings relate to God.  There are several ways human beings relate to the God of the universe.

  1. Indifferent
    • The Indifferent person chooses to go through life without really thinking about God.  This person decides pleasure is his spiritual outlet.  This is the person who will get the blank stare on his face when something spiritual is talked about.  Spirituality is either to be avoided or molded into a type of spiritualism that resides around having a good time.  These are the ones who might grace the doors of a church during family events around Easter or Christmas.  Just so long as it doesn’t interfere with the football game or the fishing expedition.
  2. Defiant
    • The person who is defiant towards God has what I like to call a hypocrite tracker.  He can find fault in a Christian like he’s being led by the GPS on your car.  This person’s attitude is that no one can tell him what to do, not God, and not the Bible.  If he acknowledges the existence of a God, he soundly refuses to accept his spirit into his heart.
  3. Work my way to God
    • We then have the person who likes to think of themselves as a Good Person.  The belief here is that if your generally a good person, if you balance the scales towards being Good, then God owes it to you to let you into Heaven.  This behavior is usually cloaked in a religious ritual.  This person sees God more as a wonderful grandfather who loves everyone.  The problem is that this person ends up viewing life through a lens other than the Bible.  This person generally begins to believe that we can decide what’s good or bad. In the end, it becomes about what we do in this life that really creates our existence in the next.  Then when we make mistakes or hurt other people, we bend the rules to fit into our actions.  That way we’re never really failing to reach God.
  4. Saved by Grace
    • Finally, we have God’s way.  Paul tells it like it is.  None of us can work our way to God.  We simply can’t do it.  We will always fall short of the mark. So God sent us his son to live his life in our place and to offer his life in our place. The person who knows he’s saved by Grace can do good works for others not out of a sense of working his way to heaven, but out of a sense of gratitude for God.  He can do those works because he or she knows that Jesus Christ provided him a way to God that they simply couldn’t provide for themselves.  Because of that, they want to share the joy of a loving creator, God, who provided everything for them.

Sadly, the way people address the heavenly has not changed much.  We still have those who are indifferent to the things of God.  There will always be those who are defiant to the things of God.  People will always use religion as a means of working our way to God.

That’s why today right now it’s so vitally important to hold out the Gospel.  So many simply don’t know who the great and merciful loving savior Jesus Christ is.  They have never heard of him.


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