What I read today;

Revelation 20-21; Acts 25-26; Malachi 1-2; Proverbs 30; Song of Songs 8; Deuteronomy 33

Revelation 21 gives us a glimpse of God’s final victory over Satan.  He shows us a sliver of how things will be on that day.  For the believer, it will be a day of rejoicing.  For those who chose not to believe, it will not go so well.

It’s why we should have an urgency right now to tell people the story of Jesus!

We should tell about the savior who promised in John 3: verses 14-16:

And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.””

Our only hope of finding our names in the book of life is to trust Jesus for our salvation.  To trust that his blood and righteousness will give me entry into the heavenly realm.  I can’t make it on my own.  I need Jesus!  We all need Jesus!

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