What I read today;

Revelation 16-17; Acts 21-22; Zechariah 11-12; Proverbs 28; Song of Songs 6; Deuteronomy 31

Have you ever lived through a time when you saw a loved one heading in a direction that you knew was going to end badly?

It’s like watching two freight trains heading for each other.  All you can do is stand by and watch as the crash happens and then go about cleaning up the mess.  Maybe it’s a child involved in drugs and alcohol.  Perhaps it’s a friend involved in an abusive relationship.  It could be the company you work for that is making bad decision after bad decision which you know will end in bankruptcy or worse.

I was working for a company in 2001 that sold out to a company with a reputation of gutting the companies they purchased and then relocating the remaining employees to a facility many states away.  They would suck out of the company all the knowledge they could,  all the customer’s information, the product information, and then shut it down.  They would leave many of the current employees out in the cold.  I remember coming out of one particular meeting and telling all my teammates to get resumes out on the street because I knew we would be shutting down soon.  Some listened, some did not.  Nearly 20 years later, some of those who lost their jobs have still not recovered from the blow.  One gentleman actually committed suicide a few years after losing his job.

You do everything you can to warn people, but in the end, all you can do is watch the coming storm as it brings all its destruction.  When it’s done, all you can do is help to pick up the pieces and remove the debris.

In Deuteronomy, chapter 31, Moses is at the end of his life.  He knows what comes next.  If the people rebelled while Moses was alive, Moses knows what will happen after he’s gone.  All he can do is issue one final warning and hand it all over to a gracious God.  That’s all that any of us can genuinely do sometimes.  People will choose to do what they want in life.  No matter how badly we want to fix other people and their situations, we can’t force them to change or listen.

Without God, in our lives, we are doomed to crash and burn, just like the nation of Israel did. We may get by for a long time without consequence, but at some point in our lives, we will hit the wall. It is a crash that is witnessed over and over again, all around the world.  If we listen, God will provide us the strength and the guidance to avoid the crash.  Things may happen to us, but he will always offer us a way around and through the situations that cause us to stumble and fall.  If we read scripture, pray and listen to the still small voice inside our head, we will make it through this life without some of the hurt and pain that others find themselves in.  It doesn’t mean we won’t have those times of trouble.  It means that our God is greater than those times of crisis, and we have the hope that we will overcome those times of trouble with God by our side!

For those, whom we love, in the end, all we can do is hand the situation over to a gracious God and pray like hell!

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