What I read today;

Revelation 6-7; Acts 11-12; Zechariah 1-2; Proverbs 23; Song of Songs 1; Deuteronomy 26

In the late 1990s, God blessed me with the opportunity to work with a group of young, unchurched kids, and their families.  It was an incredible time.  To witness young men and women, many of whom had never stepped foot in a church before coming each week without fail to study God’s word and sing Gods praises.

But, they didn’t look the part.  The kids didn’t look like Church kids.  In fact, some of them came with significant baggage.  They didn’t behave like Church kids.  Sometimes, they acted out and caused problems.  The truth is that sometimes, they were very rough.

Members of the church had difficulty with them.

We have an image in our heads of what a church family looks like.  So did Peter.  God smashed that image in Peters’ head and told him to preach the Gospel to all people.  It didn’t matter what they looked like, or how they acted, God wanted Peter to proclaim the good news to everyone he came into contact with.

With nearly 40% of our populations with no church home and half them never having set foot in a church, we need to change our thoughts on evangelism.  We need to understand that the way we could reach people has to change.  More importantly, the way we look at people has to change even more.

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