What I read today;

James 5 & 1 Peter 1; John 10-11; Jonah 1-2; Proverbs 12; Ecclesiastes 2; Deuteronomy 15

In John 11, we see the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  Many tend to focus on the actual miracle of Lazarus resurrection, but there is really a lot to unpack here.

In verses 1-6, Jesus is told that Lazarus is seriously ill.  We listen as we learn that Jesus loved Mary, Martha, and Lazarus very much.  The Bible confirms that Jesus cared for the ordinary people of the world.  He loved them very much.  Lazarus circumstances were not a result of some sin he’d committed but a consequence of the sin-filled world that we live in.  No matter our circumstances, Jesus love for all of humanity is constant. If our loved one is called home, they go to meet Jesus, and we can find comfort in the knowledge that Jesus never gives anyone a raw deal.  He will love all believers through all eternity.

In verses 7-16, Jesus gives his disciples a lesson in patience and trust in God.  We have a hard time understanding that God’s timing is always perfect.  He knows what we are doing in spite of what we have come to believe.  His disciples couldn’t understand why Jesus waited.  Then we Jesus told them that Lazarus was dead; they couldn’t understand why Jesus would risk his life going back to a place where the Jews had just threatened to kill him.  It made no sense.  Jesus was teaching his disciples that trust in him was paramount.  We may not always know the how and why of what Jesus is doing.   But we do know that there is still a reason and Jesus knows best.

In verses 17-27, Jesus comforts Martha with the promise of eternal life and the resurrection of the dead.  He tells her that belief in Jesus is a get out of jail free card for sinners.  Trust in Jesus is how we can live our lives with the assurance that no matter what happens to us, God is there for us.  No matter the struggle, there is a prize at the end.  We get to live eternity with our Lord in Heaven for all time.

In verses 28-37, Jesus is overwhelmed by Mary’s grief. Not because of the death of Lazarus.  No, Jesus grief comes from looking at all of Lazarus grieving friends and seeing the result of the death and destruction sin causes in our world.  Jesus feels the pain every time one of us loses a loved one.  Jesus knows that the loss of a loved one is painful, and Jesus weeps when he sees the pain we are going through.  Some will always say, “If God is so good, why didn’t he stop the pain.”  Jesus responds, “trust me, I always have your best interest at heart.”

In verses 38-44, Jesus shows his power with the miraculous resurrection of Lazarus.  Imagine the shock when a dead man came out of the tomb. In our lifetime, we all understand that each one of us will eventually see the end of our lives.  We will leave our loved ones and move onto the next world.  Miraculously we will hear the voice of Jesus saying come forth.  We will fall into the arms of Jesus who waits for us on the other side.

In verses 45-53, we see that sadly, not everyone will see Jesus for the Savior that he is.  Many will look at Jesus and see something else.  They will see a God who is attempting to wreck their fun.  A God who will take away the things they have.  Their response will be total contempt for Jesus in spite of being witness to the joy he brings to his followers.

In one short passage of scripture, we see the compassion and love that Jesus has for all his followers.  It is our job to share that amazing grace and mercy of a loving savior with all of the people of the world.


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