What I read today;

Hebrews 8-9; Luke 24 & John 1; Amos 1-2; Proverbs 7; Job 39; Deuteronomy 10

Amos goes through and gives reasons for the destruction of the nations around Israel.  He lays out what they’ve done and what they continue to do.  Each is guilty of violence, destruction, and Godlessness that is beyond argument.

But then he gets to Judah and Israel.  God’s chosen people?  How can this be?  Then God makes his case.

  • The people of Judah rejected God’s Law
  • Judah has been led astray into Idolatry just like their ancestors
  • The people of Israel value money more than people.
  • They fail to care for those in need
  • Adultery is rampant throughout society
  • The worship of pleasure is the primary motivation not the love of God
  • They were unable to learn the message of the destruction of the nations around them

Six Hundred years after the Reformation, I wonder if the church is repeating the failings of past generations?

Let’s ask the following questions;

  • Do our members search the scriptures to draw closer to Jesus, or do they come to church on Sunday and forget about what was taught by brunch?
  • Does the church worship look more like an episode of the Voice than the worship of God?
  • Are we looking at our Facebook feeds during church?
  • Do we care for the poor and needy and reach out to them with the Gospel?
  • Do we favor those who can donate more to our coffers than to those who may be poor in the wallet but strong in spirit?
  • Do we avoid those who are sick, needy or shut-in?
  • Do we focus more on our pleasure than our eternal well being?
  • Most importantly, do we present the Gospel as a list of rules one must live by to ensure salvation or is it a focus on Jesus Christ’s work of salvation on our behalf?

Maybe it’s time for a little reflection?

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