What I read today;

Hebrews 4-5; Luke 21; Hosea 14 & Joel 1; Proverbs 5; Job 37; Deuteronomy 8

About 10 years ago, I got onto Facebook.  My oldest daughter laughed at me when she found out I had signed up.  Over the years, I’ve reconnected with a couple hundred people from my past.  Some, who I grew up with and went to school with others who I served in the military with.  I have to say that reconnecting with many of them has been a tremendous blessing.

Sadly, however, I have also seen a number of those individuals pass away after I reconnected with them.  Two of them I served within the Air Force, neither had reached 60 years old and recently a friend from high school lost his wife, who was only 54 years old.  During that time, I also lost two uncles, and my wife has lost her great aunt.  Life and death seem to march on.  As we age, we become more aware that death is a fact of life.

The writer to the Hebrews wrote this in Hebrews 4 vs. 1;

“Therefore, while the promise of entering his rest is still open, let us take care that none of you should seem to have failed to reach it.

I read some statistics the other day that was startling.  Many in America like to believe that we are a Christian or Religious nation.  However, in polling data by Gallup and other polling agencies, 18% of our population now claim to be non-religious.  That’s 54 million people claiming to not have any religious faith.  In addition to this, while 79% of our population claim to be religious, 45% of our population do not regularly attend any worship service at all. That’s 100 million people. 

While those numbers are staggering, they also present a massive opportunity for the church.  An opportunity for missions in our own communities and neighborhoods.

It’s horrible when we lose a loved one.  It’s even more horrific when we miss the opportunity to tell them about the Savior who died for them!

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