What I read today;

1 Timothy 2-3; Luke 13; Daniel 10-11; Psalm 147; Job 29; Numbers 36

We moved to a town called Bellevue Washington, a suburb of Seattle, in the fall of 2005.  One of the things we loved about the area was a large number of bike trails throughout the Seattle area.  There was one trail in particular that I used to enjoy riding.  A couple of miles from our house you would jump on a trail that would wind through the south end of Bellevue.  About 5 miles in you would merge onto the trail that ran next to US Route 90.  From the start, you would go across Lake Washington onto Mercer Island.  Continuing across the Island, you would then drop down to the bridge across Lake Washington that led to the entrance to Seattle.  Once onto the bridge, it was relatively flat for a mile, or so then you began a long steep climb to the entrance to the tunnel into Seattle.  My daughter, who was 11 at the time made it her mission to join me in some of these rides. She kept working and working until finally one day we made it across.  It was slow and difficult, but we made it across.  If we had been keeping track of speed and distance, we probably would have been disappointed in our effort.

Human beings like to judge everything as a competition.  We push for new personal bests and stair at our watches to see how many steps we’ve done.  We want to have challenges with our friends to see whose done more steps or run more miles.  That’s why more often than not, we burn out and quit when we begin exercise programs.  We become disappointed with ourselves when we’re not progressing fast enough.  Those who commit to a long term slow and gradual approach are more likely to succeed.

But in Psalm 147 vs. 10-11, God takes a different approach.  He’s not interested in the speed in which our faith grows.  God is interested in the long term.  Jesus wants us to continue to faithfully grow and move forward in our faith.  He’s looking for us to steadily grow throughout our lives.  Our Christian life can be compared to a 100-mile bike ride.  There will be hills to climb, headwinds to fight and traffic to encounter.  But if we carefully and faithfully push on towards the finish line, we will make it with God’s help.

3 thoughts on “May 27, 2019

  1. I’ve heard Bellevue is a beautiful place. I agree that competitiveness seems to be part of our human nature. We love to judge, compare, and compete. Thanks for this post. I really enjoyed reading it. Blessings.


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