What I read today;

2 Thessalonians 1-2; Luke 11; Daniel 6-7; Psalm 145; Job 27; Numbers 34

Prayer is a struggle for me.  I wonder if it’s a struggle for you as well.  I sit each morning, and I ask God to watch over my family, those who are sick and those who need to find their way to God.  But many times, I feel like I’m praying into an empty box.  I don’t hear anything back.  I wonder if he’s genuinely listening to me at all.

Jesus addressed this in Luke 11 vs. 1-13.  First, he taught us how to pray using the Lord’s prayer as an example for us to follow. Then Jesus told us to be persistent in that prayer.  He told us to continue seeking God no matter what we felt or no matter how down we might feel.

It is that persistence in seeking God out that should be the hallmark of our lives.  That persistence which will eventually lead us to his throne room.  That persistence that will guide us through troubles and problems.

God’s timing is not necessarily our timing.  God will open and close doors.  Sometimes we don’t really understand what he’s doing or why.  But in the end, Jesus tells us to be persistent and continue seeking out God’s will for our lives.  God promises to bless our prayers and send us the holy spirit as our guide.

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