What I read today;

1 Thessalonians 2-3; Luke 9; Daniel 2-3; Psalm 143; Job 25; Numbers 32

Reading Psalm 143 I get a real feeling for who King David was, and I understand that he was.

In verses 1-2, you see that David realized that he needed God’s grace and forgiveness.  Even as a mighty and powerful king, he could look into the Law of God and see that he didn’t measure up to the standards of the holy God.  Without the grace and mercy of that powerful God, he didn’t stand a chance of seeing God one day.

In verses 3-4, David talks about his enemy pursuing him.  David had many enemies.  King Saul chased him through the desert and attempted to kill him to prevent David from taking the throne one day.  After David assumed the throne, his kingdom was at war throughout much of his life.  He had close advisors turn on him and even suffered through his own son attempting to take his life and his throne.  But the real enemy he was fighting was his own sinful nature.  That very nature that led him into sins of adultery and murder.  Those sins that had threatened to separate himself from the holy God he served.

In verses 5-12, David speaks of living his life trusting in the merciful God.  David speaks of living a life of prayer and meditation over God’s word.  He talks about searching for meaning and direction from God himself.  He puts his reliance on the spirit of God for all of his life.

David ends by offering his entire life to the service of that holy God, who is full of grace and mercy.

Our lives are also filled with many struggles.  We too, can rely on the grace and mercy of our God to help us through each and every day until we finally see God’s face.

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