What I read today;

Colossians 4 & 1 Thessalonians 1; Luke 8; Ezekiel 48 & Daniel 1; Psalm 142; Job 24; Numbers 31

Do you find it difficult to ask for help?  It’s almost like you are admitting defeat isn’t it?  You struggle with a problem and no matter what you do it only seems to get worse.  Maybe it’s an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or possibly it’s a problem at work.  Even worse it could be a health problem or a problem with your marriage.  No matter what you do the problem only seems to get worse.  People looking for help for psychological problems can even become stigmatized by their friends and families.  Men especially have problems admitting they need help.

The problem is that none of us want to admit that we have a problem.  We want everyone to think that we are in control of our own ship.  We don’t like to admit that we have to rely on someone else for their help.

I imagine Jairus was feeling the weight of his problems as he walked through the crowd towards Jesus in Luke 8.  My guess is that the Jewish High Council that he worked for was going to frown upon Jairus seeking out the help of Jesus of all people.  Yet Jairus had reached the point where he understood that there was no other option.  So he slowly walked towards Jesus and did the only thing he could do.

He dropped to his knees and begged for help.

Jesus did not disappoint.

Even after being told that his daughter was dead, Jesus looked at Jairus and said, don’t worry, I’ve got this.

Just like Jairus, we also are in need of help.  We need help from our own sinful natures.  We need to turn to God and to fall on our knees and beg for his help.  We have to reach the point where we understand that we can’t make it to God on our own.  We need help.

Jesus is standing there waiting for you.  He’s already done the hard work.  We just have to realize that we need him!

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