What I read today;

Philippians 4 & Colossians 1; Luke 6; Ezekiel 44-45; Psalm 140; Job 22; Numbers 29

In Philippians 4 vs. 4-9, Paul proclaims that we should rejoice in the Lord.  How many times have you heard someone telling you to rejoice in the Lord while making it sound like a funeral dirge?

Paul was sitting in prison while he wrote these words.  He’d lived through several persecutions and attempts on his life.  Yet he would still say Rejoice in the Lord.

I’ve known people in my life who could rejoice in the Lord in spite of the most horrible experiences.

I know a man who suffered through multiple cancer surgeries in his early 30’s, and he never seemed to lose hope.

I watched my grandparents struggle for over 10 years while my grandfather suffered through heart issues and other health problems, but they never seemed to give up hope.

I know a Pastor who’s wife left him, causing him to leave the ministry, who is now back in the pulpit better than ever.

I know another cancer survivor who seems happier now than ever before.

I’ve watched my own daughter deal with diabetes since she was 12 who has never given up hope.

I watched my wife fight through a heart scare and still never give up.

You see our circumstances don’t dictate our hope and joy.  Our circumstances will eventually change.  Our hope and joy in God do not have to change.  Why?  Because as vs. 5 says, “The Lord is Near.”  It may sound trite, but the truth is that Jesus is there.  And if we’ll let him, he is the one who will ultimately provide us peace.  It is our own mind that will generally try and take our joy away.  Don’t let it.

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