What I read today;

Philippians 2-3; Luke 5; Ezekiel 42-43; Psalm 139; Job 21; Numbers 28

I have read Philippians 2 vs. 12-13 probably 100 or more times.  I struggle with it each time I read it.  Is he telling us that we have to work to earn our salvation?  No that’s not it, because repeatedly Paul has said to us that our salvation is a gift from God and that we can’t earn it.

I think what he’s saying is that our faith is going to be a struggle.  We’re going to have moments when we feel far away from Jesus.  We’re going to have times when we don’t know what to do. We’re going to have times when the temptations are going to be so strong that we fail to live up to God’s standards.

That’s why we should tremble when we realize what our God has done for us.  We should marvel at his grace and mercy.  We should start at his gift with awe and wonder.  Because God has continued working in us our new life in Christ.  He’s sent his holy spirit to continue to chip away at our hearts of stone and to replace them with a heart for Jesus.  He’s continued working on each one of us and will continue working on us until the very end of our days on this earth.

Each of us will have struggles in this lifetime.  I’m struggling to decide if I should head towards a new career.  One that would end up preaching from a pulpit.  I’m looking into options and trying to decide.  In many ways, I’m living these two verses this very day.  I worry is it God calling me or is it my ego.

We all face these struggles.  Thankfully, God has promised in these verses that it is he who is walking with us and guiding us in these very decisions.

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