What I read today;

Ephesians 6 & Philippians 1; Luke 4; Ezekiel 40-41; Psalm 138; Job 20; Numbers 27

I think you could say that Paul was going through a rough patch in his life when he wrote the book of Philippians.  In fact, he was sitting in Rome as a prisoner, thanks to the Jewish council in Jerusalem.  Yet, even now, Paul had figured out that God worked all things in his life for the good of the Gospel and more importantly for the good of Paul’s own eternal salvation.  Paul could look back on his life and see that everything had led up to this very day.

Paul no longer worried about the petty issues of rivals, or the attacks from the non-believers, or even whether or not he would ultimately live or die.

Everything in Paul’s life now focused on spreading the Gospel to as many people as he could, with whatever time he had left on this earth.

It’s funny, isn’t it, that no matter how many things change our lives all seem to follow the same pattern as Pauls.  We worry and fret about things that ultimately won’t matter.  Yet if we look back and honestly assess where we’ve been, everything we’ve ever done has led us to this one moment.  Good, bad or otherwise, we are who we are because of everything we’ve gone through.  What’s in our past has made us who we are today.

The question is not what have you done.  The problem is what will you do now, with the time remaining.  Will you be like Paul and spread the love of the Gospel or will you live your life in bitter regret over the failures that you’ve lived through?

That’s the real question, isn’t it?

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