What I read today;

Ephesians 4-5; Luke 3; Ezekiel 38-39; Psalm 137; Job 19; Numbers 26

I love how John the Baptist breaks down how Christians are supposed to behave.  Sometimes we try and make the Christian Life challenging to understand.  We invent tests and rules to try and describe how life is supposed to be lived. Those who don’t look like we expect them to fall into suspicion.

John breaks it down this way;

  1. Religious leaders need a savior just as much as those of us in the pews.
    • I’ve been around a lot of great preachers who never saved a soul.  Is the focus Jesus or is it building statues and monuments?
    • I’ve also seen ministers who preach eternal damnation with gusto, but never talk about the Gospel.
    • Do you spend your time pointing to Jesus or do you spend your time pointing out to anyone who will listen, your attendance numbers and the size of your churches offerings?
  2. Just because you go to church on Sunday doesn’t mean that you’re saved.
    • If you are using the church as a social club, or a way to grow your personal business, or because granny goes there you could be in trouble.
    • If the church isn’t the place you go because you know you need to hear the saving message of Jesus Christ, then you could be in trouble.
    • If you are in church as a status symbol, you could be in trouble.
  3. The way we live our lives matters.
    • Do we help those in need around us?
    • Do we mistreat people by taking advantage of people?
    • Do we love our neighbors as ourselves?
    • Do we understand that we are sinners in need of a savior?
    • Do we humbly lay our lives before Jesus out of gratitude for the incredible gift of life he’s given us?

John kept pointing people to Jesus.  It was the only mission he had.  He lived his entire life telling anyone who would listen that the Messiah was coming, get ready.  What a great example of how we should live our lives!

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