What I read today;

Ephesians 2-3; Luke 2; Ezekiel 36-37; Psalm 136; Job 18; Numbers 25

Let’s take apart Paul’s prayer for the Ephesian Church.

Chapter 2 through Chapter 3 vs. 1-15 – Paul proclaims the unimaginable grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has laid out the incredible work of Jesus on the cross and his soul-saving act of mercy to all mankind.  He tells of the hope that we now have and the fact that we are now children of God himself.  Heirs of the heavenly realm. We have peace with God and can now and forever reach out to God without fear.

So how should that affect each of us?

Paul continues vs. 16 by saying that the very fact of what Jesus did for us should give us the strength to walk day by day through this life.

In Vs. 17 he tells us that Christ now dwells in our hearts.  He lives with us.  He sees everything we are going through.  He knows every minute detail of our lives and our very beings.  He knows our pain our anger and our happiness.  He wants to permeate our lives with his powerful love and grace and mercy.

In Vs. 18 Paul goes on to say that he wants each of us to be able to comprehend the incomprehensible.  That unbelievable fact that Jesus did so much more than forgive our sins.  He gave us life.  Jesus gave us hope. Jesus walks with us each day of our life and strengthens us through that walk.  The limitless reach and grasp of God’s grace and mercy are impossible for our puny human minds to comprehend.  Yet Paul is praying that we will continue to strive to understand the magnificent savior and what he has accomplished for you and me!

In Vs. 19 Paul prays for each one of us to know Jesus love in a profoundly personal and meaningful way.  Not as a corporate act of worship.  No, he wants us to know the love of Jesus as a Savior who died for me individually.  Who knows my name and new it before the start of creation.  A savior who has been watching me from the beginning of creation and time.

In Vs. 20-21 Paul finally leaves all of this to Jesus himself to accomplish.  He knows that in spite of our weakness and failings that Jesus will keep his promises and watch over each and every one of us no matter what.

Now that is prayer!

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