What I read today;

2 Corinthians 11-12; Mark 13; Ezekiel 26-27; Psalm 131; Job 13; Numbers 20

There is quite an industry centered around the end times.

The movie 2012 was based on a Mayan prophecy of the end times and grossed nearly 200 million dollars.

The book series “Left Behind” by Tim Lahaye sold over 80 million copies, and 4 movies were made on the books.

In 1970 Hal Lindsey wrote the book The Late Great Planet Earth in which he described the end times.

Today televangelists Robert Jeffress, John Hagee, and many others use end times prophecy to attract viewers and members.

Going back further there have been many including the Apostle Paul, who thought they were living in the last days.

Jesus spoke of the end times as well.  But he warned us to not focus on dates and times.  His focus in Mark 13 vs. 32-37 was to live out our lives spreading the Gospel.  Doing the work of the Holy Spirit.  Our focus was to be about the business of saving souls and sharing God’s love, grace and mercy to a world that so desperately needs it.

End times prophecy might sell books, but it does not necessarily lead people to repentance and a changed life!


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