What I read today;

2 Corinthians 9-10; Mark 12; Ezekiel 24-25; Psalm 130; Job 11-12; Numbers 19

There are times I wish that the Lord would come back today. Days I struggle with problems at work and wish it would all just go away.  Days I feel weighed down by the guilt of sins long past.  Moments I wish I could remove the temper that sits within me that waits to erupt.

There are times I look at the world around me and think where are you, God?  Why don’t you stop this madness where it stands?

There are times I feel a sense of hopelessness in my life.

In those moments God always finds a way to show me that he is there.  I see the joy in a child’s laughter.  I feel the love of my wife and children.  I meet new friends who bring happiness to my life.

Reading Psalm 130 brings peace to me in those moments.  It tells me that even though I may not feel God at a given moment, he is there.  That his forgiveness and mercy extend even to me.  It tells me that yearning for God, and wanting to see him sooner rather than later is not only OK, but it is something God desires of us.  Finally, it tells me that in those moments I can trust that he is watching everything and he is there helping through those low moments in life.

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