What I read today;

2 Corinthians 8; Mark 11; Ezekiel 22-23; Psalmm129; Job 9-10; Numbers 18

Ezekiel is a hard book to read.  It’s blunt with its judgment of how the nation of Israel ended up in exile.  The language Ezekiel uses is extreme, to show exactly how God viewed the people and their actions.

It is evident through the reading of chapters 22 and 23 that in spite of having the temple and in spite of the Word of God being available throughout Samaria and Judah that it was having little or no effect on the attitudes of the people.

Violence was rampant throughout society.  Business owners were charging outrageously which was hurting the poor and needy.  Resident aliens were being treated horribly.  Worship of idols was occurring everywhere the eye could see.  The priesthood and the “prophets” were changing the message to be more like society and less like God.   In spite of the availability of the Word of God, no one really understood what it said anymore.

Wait a minute, was I talking about the nation of Israel 4000 years ago, or am I describing our world today?

It sure seems like history is repeating itself, doesn’t it?

We’ve moved away from the word of God.  We’ve stopped preaching it, and individual Christians have stopped following it. To revive ourselves we need to get back into God’s word and allow the Holy Spirit to permeate our lives.  We need to stop bending to society and begin allowing the Spirit of God to shape us into the people of God once again.

Now more than ever before we need to proclaim the time of the Grace of God.  We need to share his love and mercy.  Most importantly we need to live his grace, love, and mercy in our very lives.

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