What I read today;

2 Corinthians 1; Mark 4; Ezekiel 8-9; Psalm 122; Esther 4-5; Numbers 11

There has always been a push and pull between those in charge and those who are not.  Supervisors can never do enough to satisfy hourly workers and vise versa.  Politicians never satisfy the voters who elected them.

This situation usually leads to walls being built and anger spilling out in the form of grumbling and complaining.  It’s difficult to watch and even worse to live through.  The complainers tend to be loud.  As the complaining spreads, the finger gets pointed back at the individual in charge.

Moses was in just such a situation.  It finally reached a point where Moses just couldn’t take it anymore.

God steps in and sends his spirit on 70 elders in Israel to help Moses.

Now, most people get defensive when “help” arrives.  They see it as a threat.  Worse yet they see it as a sign that their employer doesn’t have faith in them.

Moses, however, didn’t respond this way.  In fact, when Joshua begs Moses to make them stop prophesying, Moses smiles and says, “I wish all God’s people could prophesy.” Moses wanted the best for all his people.  That’s what made him special.  He wanted all God’s people to know the fullness of God’s grace and mercy.  Moses knew how much God had done for him personally and wanted all those who were grumbling and angry to re-focus on the promises and love of God Almighty.  In spite of the personal attacks, Moses never lost sight of the goal.  Every time they were struck with a punishment Moses fell to his knees and interceded with God.  In spite of not being appreciated or sometimes being hated Moses always put his people first.

When we see a leader in the middle of a storm pray for them, encourage them and lift them up.  They’ve taken on a responsibility and a mission that we were not able or willing to take on.  Help them to carry their burdens and do everything you can to make their lives better while they struggle through the battles, that leadership brings.

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