What I read today;

1 Corinthians 16; Mark 3; Ezekiel 6-7; Psalm 121; Esther 2-3; Numbers 10

Jesus liked to rock the boat.  He drove the religious leaders of his day completely insane.

First, he dared to heal someone on the Sabbath day.  I mean that’s a day of rest.  The Pharisees had devised a special list of do’s and don’ts for the Sabbath. How dare he show mercy and grace on the Sabbath.  We can’t have that now, can we?  But Jesus chose to show compassion and grace by healing a man who had suffered for years.

Second, he was among unclean people.  They had unclean spirits.  The Law of Moses said these people needed to be outside the town in isolation.  No self-respecting priest would go anywhere near them.  But Jesus was there in the middle of the crowd.  He was even touching them.  He was drawn to those who needed him most.  The outcast and those in pain.

Third, he chose fisherman, tax collectors, and other common men to take his message out to the Jewish nation.  The Law clearly stated that only men from the tribe of Levi could preach.  Why in the world would he choose this uneducated lot of people?  Yet Jesus used these 12 men to lead a movement that would eventually sweep the world.

Even his own mother thought he was mad.

Because of all this, the scribes accused him of being demon possessed.  Jesus just laughed them off.

Today our churches fight and feud about doctrinal rules and regulations.  We fight about things so mundane that we miss the point.  Our society now has more people staying home on Sunday than attending Church.  The NFL has now replaced worship on any given Sunday in the fall. Yet we want to find fault with fellow believers in Christ based on items that only God can truly judge.

Maybe we should focus more on saving the lost and less on following our doctrines perfectly.  Seems like that’s precisely what Jesus did.  Just a thought.

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