What I read today;

1 Corinthians 11; Matthew 26; Lamentations 1-2; Psalm 116; Nehemiah 5-6; Numbers 5

Our politicians like to run on religious platforms.  Each party claims the moral high ground.  We hear constantly that we are a Christian nation.  If we are then how does our behavior actually reflect this?

The Bible is filled with examples of sinful behavior.  Human beings like to pick and choose the sins we like to point out.  Nehemiah 5 tackles the behavior of the rich in a way that the church today should be tackling the issue.

As the rebuilding of Jerusalem was taking place food became scarce.  The poor, the laborers, were having problems finding ways to keep food on the table.  The rich were using this situation as an opportunity to line their pockets.  When this got back to Nehemiah he gave us an example of how to handle the situation.

He called those nobles and elites on the carpet and let them have it.  He threatened real consequences for their actions.  The elites backed down and made restitution to the people.

We have significant issues today, don’t we?

Drug companies gouging people for life-saving drugs.  Employers, finding new and improved ways to not give pay increases or charging more for employee benefits.  It would be one thing if these companies were in financial difficulty but more often than not many of these companies are raking in huge profits.

If a CEO or owner of a company wishes to claim the mantle of “Christian business” then they need to read Nehemiah 5 and take it to heart.  God will not tolerate the abuse of the common man in an effort to line corporate profits.  Not now, not ever!

It is imperative that our elected officials, especially those claiming the mantle of Christianity take Nehemiah’s example to heart and act accordingly when companies abuse the freedoms they have to take advantage of the working class and the poor!


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