What I read today;

1 Corinthians 7; Matthew 23; Jeremiah 47-48; Psalm 113; Ezra 9-10; Numbers 2

Jesus really let’s fly in Chapter 23.  He goes after the Jewish religious leadership.

These guys were great at pointing out other people’s sin.  They were incredible at writing rules and regulations and pointing out every time a person crossed the imaginary line.  They behaved like my younger brother and me when we were kids in the back seat of the car fighting over the imaginary line that separated us.

They liked the power.  The religious leaders loved the attention.

But they weren’t servants.  They didn’t even know the definition of the word humility.

In verses 37-39 you can almost hear Jesus tears as pleads with them to turn and come to him.

So many church leaders today put obstacles in the way of people finding Jesus.  Hypocrisy, legalism and judgemental behavior.  Tribalism with a non-welcoming attitude. All of these can get in the way.

We need to strip the message down to the basics because today as in Jesus day he still wants to gather all of us to him and put us under his wings.

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