What I read today;

1 Corinthians 6; Matthew 22; Jeremiah 46; Psalm 112; Ezra 7-8; Numbers 1

Paul was a little upset at the church in Corinth.  People had stopped calling out the sinful behavior of others.  He was definitely angry.

The world we live in is now filled with images of all kinds of immorality.  What we see on TV now would have been entirely unacceptable just 15 short years ago.  We send messages to our young people that you can have it all at any time just because you deserve it.

We continually see violent images on our TV screens.  Our news is nothing short of mean spirited and in many cases distorts the truth.  Sex sells and business is good.  The bad guys are idolized, and the good guy is now an image of weakness.

The church needs to be the voice of reason and hope in this day and age.  Yet too often we are too busy in petty squabbles among each other.

We need to take God’s message of grace and forgiveness to the world.  We need to open a new generation up to the healing and conviction of the holy spirit.  Only God’s love can pierce the darkness that surrounds our world today.

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