What I read today;

1 Corinthians 5; Matthew 21; Jeremiah 45; Psalm 111; Ezra 5-6; Leviticus 27

Jesus begins his final trip.  This one will lead to the cross.  As soon as he arrives, he goes after the religious establishment.

First, he enters Jerusalem to the praise of a large crowd.  Then he walks into the temple and tosses out the people taking advantage of the religious pilgrims and gets in the face of the religious leaders who were profiting from this enterprise.

Then he went right to work offering compassion, healing, and kindness to the blind and the lame and all the while the people singing praises to his name.  This sent the religious establishment into outer space.

Jesus spends the rest of the chapter letting them have it.  The self-righteous religious leadership had no intention of shining God’s love into the world.  They were only interested in their power and control.  Jesus would have none of it.

Does our church today reach out to the sick and needy?  Do we seek the lost?  Do we provide a haven for the poor?  Or are we more interested in our doctrine and building programs?


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