What I read today;

1 Corinthians 4; Matthew 20; Jeremiah 44; Psalm 110; Ezra 3-4; Leviticus 26

We find Jesus walking out of Jericho with a large crowd around him at the end of Matthew 20.  Two blind men are sitting next to the road begging.  They are not a pretty site.  They can’t care for themselves, they smell, and quite frankly they don’t look the type of people who Jesus should concern himself with.

Yet they know Jesus is there.  So they start to beg for his help.  They want to see.  They are shouting so loudly that it’s making quite a commotion.  The church-going folks have no idea what to do, so they do what comes naturally.  They tell them to shut up.  In spite of the admonition to keep quiet the men start to shout louder.

Then Jesus calls them to him.

Stunned the crowd suddenly turns directions and guides the men to Jesus who promptly heals them.

What do we do when we see people who need Jesus, but they don’t look like us?  Do we point them in Jesus direction or do we shuffle the other way?  Do we want them to stay quiet or do we want them to turn to Christ?

Sometimes those who are the most unlovable are the ones most in need of Jesus healing touch.  Don’t turn them away because they don’t fit in!

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