What I read today;

1 Corinthians 3; Matthew 19; Jeremiah 43; Psalm 109; Ezra 1-2; Leviticus 25

In Leviticus 25 we hear about the year of Jubilee.  Every 7th year was a Sabbath year.  The land was allowed to rest, and the entire people are given time to worship and honor God.  People were to return to their families and their native lands for a year of worship.

In the 50th year (7 sets of 7 year periods) the Israelites would celebrate the year of Jubilee.  In that year Indentured Israelite servants were to be set free, and those who had sold their property because of financial difficulties were allowed to re-acquire that property.  It was almost like a time to hit a reset button.

Strangely, there are very few references to the year of Jubilee taking place.  Human greed may have gotten in the way of celebrating the year of Jubilee.  Truth is that we don’t really know if that year was ever truly celebrated or not.

But how many of us, if we had the chance, would hit a reset button and go back to a time and place where we made some big mistake in our lives.  How many would wish to declare a do-over?

I’ll bet many of us wish we could.

I believe that the year of Jubilee is God’s way of telling us that there was going to be a day when he declared a do-over.  A day when creation would be set back to before Sin and rebellion entered his perfect creation.  A new day when we would all be able to proclaim with one voice the beauty and majesty of what our God did for us.

That day would actually occur some 4000 years later on a hill in Jerusalem.  In a place called Golgotha.  On a day when God himself in the form of his son Jesus would sacrifice himself to allow each of us to have a do-over.  On a day when God would turn away from his own son and put all the sins of the world onto him.  A moment in time when Jesus would say “it is finished” and a day when the curtain separating mankind from a holy God would tear in to and allow each one of us to enter into the presence of God.

Jesus death on the cross signals a new Jubilee.  A period of time when we all can hit the reset buttons of our lives and become new creations made in the image of Jesus himself.

That’s a Jubilee worth celebrating every day of the year!

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