What I read today;

Romans 16; Matthew 16; Jeremiah 40; Psalm 106; 2 Chronicles 31-32; Leviticus 22

Can we really believe that God almighty, the creator of the universe, the king of kings really watches over and cares about us?  After all, we’re sinful human beings aren’t we?  We know in our hearts the wrong we have done.  We’ve lied, and we’ve hurt people.   We know in our hearts what is right yet we fail to live up to God’s standards.

Psalm 106 begins by telling us what can make us happy.  But then it goes through the history of Israel.  A long history whereby the nation would slip into Idolatry and greed and then fall apart only to be saved by the hand of God.  This cycle repeated itself up until the moment Jesus returned.

But in spite of their our actions verses, 43 through 48 tell us of a merciful God who stands with his arms wide open waiting to accept us back into his loving embrace.  Yes, we stumble, and yes we fall.  But God is always there waiting to guide us safely back to him.  Jesus promise was that all who believed in him would be saved.  Trust in that promise.  When you stumble turn back to God.  He’s always waiting.


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