What I read today;

Romans 15; Matthew 15; Jeremiah 39; Psalm 105; 2 Chronicles 29-30; Leviticus 21

I was a member of the US Air Force serving in Germany in the summer of 1990.  We had been in Germany for over 2 years at this point.  We had lived through numerous war games, midnight recalls, a series of terrorist bombings around Germany, the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie England and many other interesting things.  Then the Berlin wall fell.  Suddenly, everything changed.  We all fell into a false sense of peace.  Then on August 2nd of 1990, the world changed forever.  Iraq invaded Kuwait.  When your 27 and for the first time faced with a possibility of having to participate in a real war, that’s heady stuff.  People on the base were literally freaking out.  Funny thing is that in spite of all the war games we played and all the recalls and drills many of the people on base had entered the military after the end of the Vietnam war.  The majority had never seen anything like what was happening.

But many of the Senior Non-Commissioned-Officers who had been in Vietnam would calmly tell all the younger staff to relax.  My boss, in particular, would look at people and say to them “God’s got this, it’ll be Ok.”

Imagine a person who’d seen real action, the metals on his chest proved it, years earlier, who’d lived through 2 tours in Vietnam telling people that it was going to be OK.

In Jeremiah, I imagine Ebed-Melech was probably pretty worked up. If they were killing the king’s officials, he had to be wondering what they were going to do to a guard in the king’s court of the guard who was a foreigner.  Yes, he feared God, but I wonder if in the back of his mind he thought of himself as an unworthy person not provided the same protections as God’s “true” people.  I wonder if that was why God sent a message to a foreigner.  While the nation was being punished for its idolatry and its temple, walls and palaces were being destroyed, God chose to send a message not to a priest, not to a king, not to one of the super religious, but to a humble guard.  A word of hope that said, you’re going to be all right.  I’m with you.  You put your trust in me, and I will not let you down.  Life is your prize.  Life with me for all eternity is yours.

In our darkest moments, the same message applies to you and me.  I’m with you.  Trust in me.  It’s going to be all right.

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