What I read today;

Romans 14; Matthew 14; Jeremiah 38; Psalm 104; 2 Chronicles 27-28; Leviticus 20

In Jeremiah 38 King Zedekiah faced a real crossroads in his life.  Babylon was about to overcome the remaining pieces of what once was the proud empire of Israel.  Zedekiah had not been a particularly good king.  Worship of Baal and Chemosh had continued during his reign.  People had turned away from God and were now facing the judgment that God had promised generations earlier. Yet the king turned to God’s prophet Jeremiah for answers.  In the final moments of his reign, Zedekiah finally turned to God for answers.

Jeremiah’s answer was not what the King was looking for.

Jeremiah told the king to surrender.  Jeremiah told the king that if he surrendered he would live and the city wouldn’t be burned to the ground and that he and his descendants would live.

It should have been simple, shouldn’t it?  Instead, Zedekiah feared the people around him more than he trusted in God.

Do we do the same thing?  Am I doing the same thing?  Do you and I fear what others might think of us more than we trust in our loving and merciful father?

In this life, we are given a choice.  We can surrender our lives to God, or we can reject God and live life our own way.

It’s a simple choice.


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