What I read today:

Romans 13; Matthew 13; Jeremiah 37; Psalm 103; 2 Chronicles 25-26; Leviticus 19

David understood exactly who he was.  Psalm 103 sums it up perfectly.  David was a sinful human being.  He was totally unworthy of the grace, mercy, and love of God.  He was totally dependent on God’s mercy for his salvation.  David trusted that God would wipe away all of his many sins.  He knew God as a compassionate God who loved his children and longed to give them grace and mercy.  David waited for the ultimate prize.  The life eternal where he would see God’s face and worship him in Heaven.

We worship that same God.  That God who watches over us and cares for us.  Who is there for our self-inflicted wounds.  Who watches over each one of us during our trials and tribulations.  Who sees our pain and comforts us in our time of trouble.  We too, know that God has taken our sins away and they are now as far as the east is from the west.  He no longer counts our sins against us thanks to the work of Jesus on the Cross.

Rest easy in that peace that passes all understanding.

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