What I read today;

Romans 12; Matthew 12; Jeremiah 36; Psalm 102; 2 Chronicles 23-24; Leviticus 18

The book of Romans is one of the most important letters written in human history.  We here about our sin, salvation, spiritual struggle and God’s love and mercy.

In chapter 12 Paul lays out a roadmap of how we are to try and live our lives.

In the first two verses of Chapter 12, Paul tells us that it’s not good enough to just go through the motions of worship of God.  God wants our whole being. God wants our bodies, minds, and hearts committed to God.

In the third verse of Chapter 12, Paul tells us not to be arrogant.  Not to think too highly of ourselves.  To be humble.

In verses 4-8 of Chapter 12, Paul continues by telling us that all of us can be servants of God.  From the Janitor to the Usher to the Preacher all who serve are important in the life of the Church.

In verses 9-13, Paul lays out what a life of love really looks like.  A life hating evil, that rejoices in God’s grace and mercy and that gives out of the love of God and the grace of Jesus Christ.

Finally, in verses 14-21, he defines what a life of love looks like.  He tells us not to hate those who curse us.  He shows us a roadmap of how to lift our brothers and sisters up.  Paul tells us to seek out the lowly and lost.  We’re instructed not to seek revenge, but to leave room for God to seek revenge on our behalf.

It’s a life that’s difficult to actually live.  But a life that each of us should strive to live.

With the week I had it’s a message I need to read over and over again.

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