What I read today;

Romans 7; Matthew 7; Jeremiah 31; Psalm 97; 2 Chronicles 13-14; Leviticus 13

Since the fall of man we all face each day with the renewed struggle against our sinful human natures.  We see the results all around us.  Crime, poverty, violence and all sorts of sinful behavior.

In Romans 7 Paul describes that human condition.  He describes the inner struggle that is at war inside of each and every one of us.

However, he also tells us in vs. 25 that Jesus Christ has saved us from that war.  He has given us the hope that he has paid the price for our failures.  He has resolved our lifelong fight in our favor.  No matter how many times we fail, Jesus is there to pick us up and put us back on the road to eternal life.

Like Paul, we say, “Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” NRSV

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