What I read today;

Romans 6; Matthew 6; Jeremiah 30; Psalm 96; 2 Chronicles 11-12; Leviticus 12

Have you ever been driving down the road listening to the radio when a song came on and took you back to a different time and place?  Maybe, in your mind, you went to your high school days, or a time after you first met someone, or possibly when you lived somewhere.  Fond memories flood into your brain, and you can’t help but smile.

Psalm 96 attempts to do that for us.  It tries to remind us of all the greatness of our God.  It tells us that the earth and the seas are rejoicing at the salvation of our Lord.  It reminds us that God is to be honored and praised above all else.  It implores those who don’t know God to come to him and worship his power and majesty.  It reminds us that while God is a loving and merciful father those who choose to run from God will one day look upon him as a judge.

Today when you look around you, honor God with praise and thanksgiving!  He indeed is a merciful and wonderful savior and king to those who love him!

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