What I read today;

Romans 3; Matthew 3; Jeremiah 27; Psalm 93; 2 Chronicles 5-6; Leviticus 9

Christianity is viewed by many as a finger waving religion of judgment.  We have established rule upon rule.  If you are saved, you must live a certain way, dress a certain way, be a part of a particular church and attend that church a specific amount of times.  You must be Baptized a certain way at a certain age or not.  Even scarier is the fact that many sitting in the pews don’t understand what it means to be a Christian.

Somewhere in the pretty services, with the slick preaching and the huge alter calls we have diluted the message and it has become lost in the tradition or entertainment of our church.

In Romans 3 Paul spelled out the Gospel only 18 short chapters.  He told the Gospel like this:

  1. In Romans 3 vs 9-18,  he tells his readers in Rome that we are all sinful in God’s eyes.  Every one of us.  That’s our basic human condition.
  2. In Romans 3 vs. 19-20, Paul makes it clear that we cannot make ourselves holy through the obedience of the Law.  Because in spite of our best intentions we will fail.  Later in the book of James, we will be told that if we break one part of the law, we’ve broken it all.
  3. Paul then lays out God’s plan in Romans 3 vs. 21-26.
    • In vs. 21 Paul shows that It was God’s plan of salvation that he had spoken to the Jewish people about throughout history through the prophets and through Moses.
    • God was now providing a way to him for sinful mankind through Faith in Jesus Christ.
    • Jesus did the work of our salvation by offering himself as a sacrifice on the cross for our sins.
  4. Finally, Paul reinforces to the Roman believers that all are justified through faith in Jesus Christ apart from works!

God offers each of us the free gift of salvation.  Pray today that we look for opportunities to share his Gospel to any and all who will listen!

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