What I read today;

Romans 2; Matthew 2; Jeremiah 26; Psalm 92; 2 Chronicles 3-4; Leviticus 8

The original settlers of the United States of America were fleeing from religious persecution.   Religious freedom and religious life were cornerstones of the nation.

Yet today, in spite of a church on every corner in many of our cities, church membership is declining.  According to a 2014 poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, church membership had fallen from 70 million in 1992 to 59 million in 2014.  It seems that many in our nation have taken freedom of religion and chosen freedom from religion.

Israel was founded on the Torah, the Law of Moses.  They had the writings of the prophets, the temple, the priesthood and yet they too were a nation whose religious institutions were in decline.

How else can you explain the actions of the Chief Priests when Herod tells them about the wise men from the east had arrived and that they were looking for the Messiah?  No questions are recorded, no search is conducted, no celebrations, they did absolutely nothing.  In spite of all the blessings they had received, they didn’t even think to go and look for him.

Today the fastest growing areas for Christianity are Asia and Africa.  In Europe and the United States, the church is in decline.

Now that church membership has dropped to less than 20% of the people in the United States, maybe it’s time to start searching for the baby in a manger again right here and right now.

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