What I read today;

Revelation 17-18; Acts 26; Jeremiah 22; Psalm 88; 1 Chronicles 24-25; Leviticus 4

Paul sits languishing in prison. The great missionary who spent much of the past 10 years traveling the world proclaiming the Gospel now sits on his hands with little to do.  I can’t imagine that he wasn’t depressed or bored.  For a man who had been so active to now be sitting out the mission couldn’t have been easy.

So what did Paul do?  He proclaimed the Gospel to whoever was sitting next to him.  It didn’t matter if it was a prison guard or a king, Jew or Gentile, Roman or Greek.  Paul still proclaimed the Gospel.

The church in the United States sends hundreds of millions of dollars to China, India, Asia, and Africa.  We’ve invested time and treasure to reach out.  Yet here in the United States we see a decline in Church membership.  We see new forms of spirituality pop up that are contradictory to what scripture teaches.  All the while our churches argue amongst themselves about points of doctrine.

The church needs people to proclaim the Gospel right here and right now.

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